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Solar garden lights


Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting Co., Ltd are solar garden light manufacturers established in 2010 in capital of lighting, Zhongshan, Guangdong province. ALLTOP has won the title of “high-tech enterprise” for their high-quality solar garden light and other excellent products. The solar garden light manufacturers have a factory spread across an area of 30000 sqm in an individual industrial park.

From 2010 till now, ALLTOP has always focused on high-technology development & manufacturing and provides a comprehensive range of intelligent solutions.

ALLTOP has been focusing on the investment in science and technology and have established long term cooperative relations with many abroad governments and construction companies. Their solar garden light can sustain rainy/cloudy days with 100% lighting throughout the year, which is world-level and most advanced technology! 


ALLTOP Lighting Co., Ltd are leading solar garden light manufacturers that manufacture top-notch garden lights. They are ideal for use in any exterior section of the house or compound such as garage and shed and along driveways, paths, and walls; quick and convenient lighting solution for lawns, gardens, and pools.


The Dancing flame solar garden light has innovative dancing flame design with its warm yellow light, which looks like a real flame for you to enjoy. The charming and classic look will attract a lot of attention around your garden, path or yard, which is the best decoration for your house.

ALLTOP Lighting Co., Ltd are intelligent solar garden manufacturers that use waterproof ABS plastic in their garden lights that can withstand all weather conditions like rain, snow and frost. They are suitable for outdoor lighting and can be installed in garden, road, driveway, backyard and other places.

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Adress: Building 2,No. 14-1, Fuqing 2nd Road, Yongxing Industrial Park, Henglan, Zhongshan Guangdong, China
Tel: +86-139 2539 5351


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