Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting Co., Ltd are street light manufacturers and street light suppliers founded in 2010 in capital of lighting, Zhongshan, Guangdong province. We have earned the identity of “high-tech enterprise” for our wonderful lighting fixtures and other refined products. We have a manufacturing division spread across a location of 30,000 square in an individual business park. From 2010 until now, ALLTOP has usually concentrated on high-tech solar lights development & production and presents a comprehensive variety of prudent solutions to turn out to be one of the leading street light manufacturers.

ALLTOP has been directing on the funding in technological know-how and technology itself to establish long time mutual ties with many external governments and construction companies.

We are leading street light manufacturers selling supreme solar lights. Here are a few solar lights for every event –

1. Solar Traffic Lights


We have two variants under this. First is the reflective lights that run along the road to mark borders that especially are useful during night-time on an underlit highway. Second variant is the traffic light. The ALLTOP High-brightness Reflective LED Flash Road Marking Solar Stud (reflective lights) are east to install. No external power supply or circuit is needed for this. It can be firmly installed by epoxy glue or screws. The studs are made in such a way that they save energy as they need low power consumption and solar energy. When fully charged, the lights go on for more than 15 days 12 hours per night.

Meanwhile, the traffic lights require no wiring, are waterproof, use solar energy for charging, conserve energy and provide wide range of illumination. They come with a high-capacity lithium battery.

2. Solar System


The ALLTOP Outdoor Mini Portable Led Lighting Panel Solar System is suitable for camping, fishing, hiking, picnic, barbecue, night market stalls and antiques, warehouses, stadiums, factories, markets, industrial areas, etc. It supports mobile phone charging, charges on solar energy, and is environment friendly. The portable solar system is a multifunctional system as it is small in size, can be used as an outdoor emergency lighting, can be used to operate fan, television, mobile, etc.

3. Solar fan


Our 10-inch solar fan is best for hot summers when there is a chance of power cut. The fan runs when plugged to the solar panel and can be used if plugged into computer USB port. When you plug it to the solar panel, how the fan works would depend on the sunlight. When the sunlight is strong, the fan works fast. When the sunshine is not strong enough, the fan may work low or even does not work. Other features of the solar fan include free angle (360-degree rotation), low noise emission, supports solar charging, is convenient to charge, simulates natural winds, and provides strong winds for best possible breezy effect. The fan is protected with an international standard safety net to defend kids or pets from getting hurt. Strong, cool winds can be sensed up to four meters. What’s better is that you can even charge your phone using it!

We at Alltop also produce other solar lights including indoor solar lights, which makes us one of the leading street light manufacturers and street light suppliers.

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