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Composition of Off-grid Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Off-grid photovoltaic power generation system is mainly composed of solar photovoltaic power generation device, energy storage device, controller and inverter.

Battery square

In the presence of light (whether it is sunlight or light generated by other luminous bodies), the battery absorbs light energy, and the accumulation of non-signal charges occurs at both ends of the battery, which generates "photogenerated voltage", which is "photogenerated Volt effect. " Under the effect of the photovoltaic effect, an electromotive force is generated at both ends of the solar cell, which converts light energy into electrical energy, and is a device for energy conversion.

Battery pack

Its function is to store the electric energy emitted by the solar cell square array when it is illuminated and to supply power to the load at any time.


A device that can automatically prevent the battery from overcharging and overdischarging. Because the cycle charge and discharge times and discharge depth of the battery are important factors that determine the service life of the battery, a charge and discharge controller that can control the battery pack overcharge or overdischarge is an essential device.

A device that converts DC power to AC power. Since solar cells and batteries are DC power sources, and the load is AC loads, inverters are essential. The inverters can be divided into independent inverters and grid-connected inverters according to the operation mode. Stand-alone inverters are used in stand-alone solar cell power generation systems to supply independent loads. Grid-connected inverters are used for grid-connected solar cell power generation systems. Inverters can be divided into square wave inverters and sine wave inverters according to the output wave type.
Application of off-grid photovoltaic power generation system

Off-grid photovoltaic power generation systems are mainly used for civilian use, especially far away from the power grid. By installing several solar panels on the roof of a house and installing a set of control devices and battery packs, the power supply problem can be solved independently. The average domestic system capacity is between one kilowatt and several kilowatts.

Telecommunication signal transmission uses solar photovoltaic power

Telecommunication signal transmission towers and signal relay stations are most commonly used in public facilities. In rural areas, especially in remote mountainous areas, solar photovoltaic power is used for power supply.


Traffic lights are powered by solar photovoltaic

Solar photovoltaic power also has many applications in traffic indication signals, such as navigation lights on the sea and rivers, and signal lights on the road. These can also be regarded as the smallest independent photovoltaic power generation system applications.


Independent photovoltaic power generation systems are also widely used in residential public lighting, such as street lights, garden lights, advertising screens, underground parking lots, etc. to provide power.

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