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ALLTOP Lighting System Design Concept

ALLTOP lighting design follows the principles of green, environmental protection and energy saving lighting:


Protecting the environment, including reducing pollutant emissions during the life cycle of lighting fixtures, using clean light sources, natural light sources and green materials to control light pollution.


Energy conservation, high-efficiency electric light source can significantly reduce the energy consumption of cooling lamps to emit heat.


Good health, providing a comfortable, pleasant and safe high-quality lighting environment.

Create a light culture that reflects modern civilization. Adopting high-efficiency energy-saving solar lighting products, we must first select high-efficiency and high-quality light source. The high-quality light source is embodied in the following four points: The light emitted by the light source is the full-color light. The spectral composition of the light should be free of ultraviolet light and infrared light. The color temperature should be close to natural light. The lighting is no-frequency flash, so that the green solar street lighting is in place. On the basis of good light source quality, and matching with high-quality lighting technology, both are indispensable. The integration of solar street lighting technology is reflected in: glare small illumination High illumination distribution uniform lighting control: The most basic function of lighting control is to control the lighting of lighting appliances, suitable for scientific lighting control, to create an environment atmosphere, save energy, easy to use, effective anti-theft, PIR Sensor, intelligent light control High-tech functions such as smart cameras.

The area lighting control adopts the method of light control and time control, infrared combination control, and adopts modular intelligent control system in landscape lighting to meet the creation of various atmospheres. The overall function lighting of the area adopts the combination of light control and time control. When it is sunny, it is controlled by time control mode and rainy day in light control mode to meet the basic function lighting requirements, and at the same time it can control the switch lights well. Time, saving energy. The area lighting control is divided into three modes from the use state: weekday mode, weekend mode, holiday mode. Weekday: Open all functional lighting in the zone to ensure pedestrian safety, and open the landscape lighting of the commercial entertainment zone and the tourism cultural zone. Weekend: Open all functional lighting, commercial entertainment area, tourism and cultural area, and ecological living area leisure and entertainment venue landscape lighting Festival: Open all functional lighting and landscape lighting in the area. Includes performance lighting for tall buildings. Commercial shopping plaza architectural lighting design, landscape garden lighting section.

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