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Tips to Maintain Your Solar Panels

Solar home lighting system manufacturers and solar system suppliers like Alltop work relentlessly toward delivering higher customer satisfaction and ensuring product excellence. However, in addition to this, they guide consumers to save costs and optimize the efficiency of the solar products they use. Accordingly, this blog from Alltop discusses five tips to maintain solar panels efficiently and get the best from them in the long run.

5 Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

1.     Regular Inspection

Solar panels are devices that demand regular inspection to ensure optimal operations. Additionally, since they are installed in the open, they are exposed to damage from or the accumulation of harmful particles present in the air. Over a while, these particles affect the efficiency of solar panels, thereby also reducing their capacity to generate power. Accordingly, ensure that you inspect your solar panels regularly and also during sudden weather changes.

2.     Optimizing Sunlight Exposure

Solar system installation experts install solar panels in places where they would receive optimal sunlight. However, the growth of trees and branches can hide the solar panels entirely or a part of it, thus reducing the amount of sunlight they receive, and therefore energy generation efficiency as well. Situations like these defeat the purpose of installing solar panels, as minimizing exposure to sunlight affect their potential, 

3.     Cleanliness of Solar Panels

Solar panels are exposed to various weather and airborne elements. It includes dust particles, sticky dirt, bird drops, and many others. If not cleaned regularly, these elements can create a layer of dirt on the panels and penetrate various corners and gaps. Additionally, if your region receives heavy snowfall, the accumulation of snow can reduce the efficiency of the solar panels. Accordingly, you must clean the panels regularly.

Now, you need not buy expensive fabric or cleaning solutions to clean your panels. You can use a soft cloth to clean the panels. Try to avoid detergent-based cleaning solutions, as they prove harsh on the panel surface and may damage the delicate elements present on and around the surface. Talk to your solar panel supplier to know what solution can work best for your solar panel, given the weather conditions, and consider other internal factors as well.

4.     Monitoring Power Generation

You’ve installed solar panels, and they’ve started generating power for you. However, how do you know whether all the solar panels are working to the best of their capacity? The answer is installing an energy monitoring system. The device or system facilitates output data on your smartphone app and lets you check the output of every panel. If a particular panel isn’t working or delivering suboptimal results, you can schedule expert maintenance.

5.     Inspecting Solar Panel Parts

Solar panels have a range of components attached to them that contribute to their functionalities. It includes the mounting rack, wires, etc. While inspecting the panels, ensure you also look for leakage signs, drainage concerns, etc., around the solar panels. A broken glass, missing bolt, or damaged wiring are signs your panels need expert intervention. Ignoring them might result in expensive fixes. Accordingly, connect with a solar panel technician quickly.

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