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The Benefits Of Solar Led Flood Lights

A quality outdoor floodlight provides a bright, dependable source of light, whether it's for home security, taking the driveway basketball game into overtime, or road lighting for your residential neighbourhood. If all you need is a bright light - a basic set-it-and-forget-it floodlight that doesn't require a new bulb every few months- we have just the thing for you.


Unique all-in-one outdoor light manufacturers like Alltop, can tackle a wide variety of tasks with the flip of a switch. Let’s have a look at some of the most obvious benefits to be accrued by using our outdoor Solar Flood lights.


Environmentally friendly


With so much concern about climate change and how we can best care for our planet, now and for future generations, investing in solar powered outdoor lighting is an absolute no-brainer. Solar lights lower your carbon footprint right away because they are powered by sun-derived electricity.


Health and Safety


You no longer need to lay lengthy connections and cabling to produce the lighting you require. This is because solar powered lighting is charged straight from the sun. While there has been significant progress in decreasing the risks associated with putting electricity wires outside – particularly in damp situations – solar powered lighting completely eliminates this risk altogether.


There is no wiring and no outside plug sockets with outdoor light manufacturers like Alltop : only a highly efficient lighting source that provides no risk to small children, dogs, or other wildlife in the neighbourhood.


Cost effective


While some of the most advanced outdoor solar lights are costly upfront, the money you save over the years makes them incredibly cost effective. With Alltop, the installation is simple and, in many situations, something you can do yourself & save the money spent on hiring someone to do it for you. There is no need for digging, trenching, or wiring with batteries charged directly by the sun, as there would be the case with standard electric flood lighting.

Of course, because you are fully off the grid, you will incur no energy expenditures for the lifetime of your outdoor solar lighting system. Products from hight quality outdoor light manufacturers have a longer lifespan with our new Lithium -Ion solar batteries.


Low maintenance


Solar lights are virtually maintenance-free after they've been installed. The battery charges during the day and then powers the lights after dusk, so there's no need to keep an eye on cables, sockets, and other components for wear and tear or damage. There's no need to be concerned about leaving the power supply on or the amount of energy it consumes. All that is required is a periodic inspection – and possibly a simple wipe down of the solar panel if any residue has fallen on it. Nothing could be more simple & straightforward, don’t you agree?


Aesthetics & Adjustability


Solar lighting has come a long way since its inception. Alltop Solar Lights are available in a wide range of elegant and appealing shapes. These Lights can be utilised to illuminate specific locations, such as a stunning shrubbery in your garden, courtyards or even town squares. And, owing to the built-in flexibility of our solar lights, you can place them wherever you want without having to worry about running a wire – or perhaps overloading a circuit – as long as they have access to enough sunlight. The fact that, Alltop’s light can be adjusted to angle for easier installation, is a big bonus.


Brighten Your Outdoors


We hope that the information above has provided you some insight into the numerous advantages that come with installing outdoor solar lights. Alltop is at the forefront of the outdoor solar lighting market with our products providing valuable solutions to councils, properties, and commercial buildings all around the country.


Let’s discuss your outdoors and its appropriate solar lighting requirements. Contact us today.

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