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How to Choose the Best Solar Power System?

Ever-growing electricity costs and the need to deploy a better and more efficient energy alternative are increasingly driving people toward the perpetual energy source. Yes, the sun! Solar energy forms a never-ending source of energy for us and can power several devices, thus proving cost-effective and, at the same time, energy-efficient. However, you get these benefits only when you know how to choose the best solar system.

Accordingly, ALLTOP Electronics, the leading solar power system supplier in China, gives you five tips to choose the best solar power system and enable you to get a better value for your energy investment.

5 Tips to Select the Best Solar System

1. The Efficiency of the Solar Panel

Solar panel efficiency refers to the ratio of the solar energy that touches the surface to the electrical energy that the module generates in terms of percentage. The higher the efficiency of your solar panel, the higher watts of electricity you generate per square meter of the panel.

As a result, you will require a smaller solar panel, and thus you will require more electricity in a lesser roof space. Of course, high-efficiency solar panels will require you to invest more. If you want, you may do so. However, somewhere around 15% or more is good enough to facilitate a higher conversion efficiency.

2.  The Quality and Warranty of the PV Module

Quality is a critical concern, and so is the warranty of the PV module. Buying solar panels through the best solar system manufacturers such as ALLTOP doesn’t require you to worry about the quality of the PV module.

Such companies conduct extensive research, employ the best manufacturing practices and use the best quality material to ensure high-quality PV modules. Now coming to warranty, you must insist on at least a three-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers manufacturing defects and doesn’t need you to spend money on repairs.

3.  Specifications of the Solar Panel

The specifications vary with the solar panel you buy. While checking the specifications, you must check the power tolerance, which means, if you get 300W or 300W +/-10%. Besides, the voltage rating and coefficient of temperature also matter. Panels have to be rated at least 100V DC for safety. A good temperature coefficient rating refers to the fact that the solar panel will perform well even at high temperatures.

4.  The Looks of the Panel

What do you mean by the looks of the panel? Does it refer only to how the panels look? No. It means to prefer a solar panel with a more practical design. Some solar power system manufacturers integrate panels into your roof, while some manufacture solar roof tiles. Additionally, if you’ve got a curved roof, you can choose to buy flexible solar panels. Nevertheless, know and choose what’s more energy-efficient for you in the long run.

5.  The Cost of the Solar Energy System

It isn’t about the cost of the solar panel but about the watts of power you generate for every renminbi you spend. However, in pursuit of saving money, do not compromise on the quality of solar panels and the energy that they generate. It is because focusing only on the cost can result in poor performance and the panel’s trustworthiness.

As a result, on the one hand, where you will struggle to generate energy, on the other, you will keep paying for electricity costs and then continue looking for better quality solar panels. So, invest once. But, invest well!

Buy the Best Quality Solar System Through ALLTOP – The Best Solar Power System Supplier

ALLTOP is one of the top solar power system manufacturers in China. The company has been around since 2010 and continues to deliver excellence with each of its products. ALLTOP’s benefits include products manufactured through the expertise of 300 + skilled workers, patents and certification, trust, and high-end feature technology. For more details, connect with ALLTOP at +86-139 2539 5351.

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