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5 Misconceptions About Residential Solar Energy

Solar energy is synonymous with sustainability. It is the future! However, there’s another school of thoughts that runs in parallel - the one that thrives on the misconceptions about solar energy. Alltop, one of the top solar energy players in China and the top solar-powered fan supplier, talks about some misconceptions about residential solar power.

5 Myths About Residential Solar Energy

Everything you see around is subject to some myths and misconceptions. Solar energy isn’t an exception to it. The sustainable form of energy is surrounded by several myths and misconceptions. Here are the five most crucial ones.

1. Solar Panels do not Work in Overcast Conditions.

True to some extent, but not entirely the fact. Solar panels work to the best of their capacity in regular sunshine. However, overcast conditions do not impact the efficiency of solar panels as much as people think they do.

Solar panels operate by collecting visible light. So, even if you’ve got clouds hovering over your head, clouds still reflect visible light released by the sun. So, don’t worry if you’ve got overcast conditions. The solar panels wouldn’t stop working and leave you to struggle in the darkness.

2. Solar Panels are Harmful to the Roof and Home

Another misconception about solar panels is that they are harmful to the roof and the home in the entirety. It is because they think installing solar panels will require them to uproot the roof to accommodate the panels, thereby damaging the surrounding structure. Modern-day solar panel installations do not demand disturbances to the existing roof structure. They are designed in a way to simplify the installation process without damaging the roof.

3. Solar Panels Demand High Maintenance

Solar panels channel solar energy, which is looked upon as a sustainable form of energy. As a result, they are designed to avoid the effort and investment required to maintain them. Although they demand inspection on an annual basis, installing them through experts minimizes the need to maintain them and curbs the related costs.

4. Solar Panels are an Ugly Sight

No, that’s not right. Solar panels have undergone significant transformations, and as a result, have evolved considerably. Besides, the evolving consumer demands and their sky-high expectations from solar energy have encouraged solar panel manufacturers to design solar panels with their aesthetic appearance in mind. A lot of modern solar panels are sleek and gel well with the roof of the home. So no. They aren’t an ugly sight for sure!

5. You can Adopt Solar Energy Only if you Own the Home.

That’s another myth associated with solar energy. A lot of people live with the misconception that they cannot adopt solar power for their home if they do not own it. But that’s not true. A lot of homeowners fear the fact that solar panel installation might affect their roof. However, you know that’s not the case. Also, if you’ve got a solar community program that enables multiple homes or units to share a solar array separate from their house.

Optimize the Benefits of Solar Energy with Alltop’s Solar Fans

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