solar street light
Specializing in the production of outdoor LED lighting, a better
choice for street lighting projects.
Power Charging And Solar Charging
12-Speed Wind To Meet Your Various Needs
As long as there is the presence of the sun, 
there is no fear that the fan will stop working.
Back up time for more than 6 hours.
solar LED tri-proof lamp
Adjustable Installation Angle 180°
With Motion Sensor And USB Charging
Controlled By Remote Controller
Indoor Classrooms And Outdoor Courtyards


Products can also be customized according to customer's demands. 
1.The fan runs when plugged to the solar panel. And it can be used alone by plugged into computer USB port. 2.When plugged to the solar panel, how the fan works depends on the sunlight. 3.When the sunlight is strong, the fan works fast. When the sunshine is not strong enough, the fan may work low or even does not work.
※ Support 7-10 cloudy or raining days' lighting. ※ 1500 cycle Li-ion battery,10 years spen life.. ※ UFO design with patent, 360o lighting angle , 160lumen/W. ※ Aluminum alloy case,waterproof IP65.all in one design, easy to install. ※ 38 lighting mode by remote control witch satisfy 90% customer 's need. ※Timer function, motion sensor function is available, ODM are welcome.
※ 40W 60W 100W and 200W ※ Adjustable Angle ※ ALL In One Solar Street Light ※ Higher Brightness SMD Chips ※ High Efficiency Solar Panel ※ Big Capacity Lithium Battery ※ Built-in Smart MPPT Controller
1. Easy installation. No external power supply or circuit is needed. It can be firmly installed by epoxy glue or screws. 2. Energy saving. Low power consumption and solar energy. 3. Early warning effect is good. All LEDs can be actively illuminated and perform better at high brightness. 4. Strong and durable. The mold is pressed once with the mold, and no further assembly is required to improve the compressive strength. 5. Long working hours. When fully charged,Sustainable working more than 15 days 12h per night.
Solar street light It's easy to install and suitable for residential street, garden ,parking lots, playground and as security lighting and landscape lighting, Solar energy is very cost effective compared to the trenching and cabling required for conventional area lighting.
1.IP66 is waterproof and dustproof. Maximum lumens, high power, lowest luminescence, low heat 2. Constant current driver with unique technology 3. High stability isolation driver 4. Maximum efficacy, no glare 5. High-tech optical design 6. Widely used in environmental lighting applications

Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting Co., Ltd are street light manufacturers and street light suppliers established in 2010 in capital of lighting, Zhongshan, Guangdong province. Alltop has won the title of “high-tech enterprise” for their high-quality solar lights and other excellent products. Their factory is spread across an area of 30000 sqm in an individual industrial park.

From 2010 till now, ALLTOP has always focused on high-technology development & manufacturing and provides a comprehensive range of intelligent solutions. Their solar lights sustain rainy/cloudy days and achieve 100% lighting throughout the year, which is world-level and most advanced technology!  ALLTOP is working hard to be the top-class brand in the world renewable energy industry


We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.


ALLTOP has perfectly finished the cases in many overseas countries.


With top-technology and top-quality products, top market strategic vision, top and fast after-sales service ALLTOP has won the broad overseas market and many customers’ trust with their intelligent solar lights. ALLTOP has more than 300 senior skilled workers, 30 professional engineers in powerful R&D department and 42 overseas market sales staff to ensure the efficient operation to make them lead solar lights manufacturers.

ALLTOP obtained more than 100 patents including design and utility models, obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, China energy saving certification, SGS,CB,CE,ROHS,TUV, etc. Alltop are one of the leading solar lights suppliers in China manufacturing solar lights such as street lights, garden lights, floor lights, garden lights, traffic lights etc.

High Power, high lumen, high quality. Easy to install and use, secure and reliable. Light body is made of good quality aluminum alloy with painting or anodic treatment on surface, exiguity and unique design, excellent heat dissipation. Mainly used for building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc.
-Safe, easy to install, plug and play system. -High-quality panels ensure high efficiency and long life requirements. -During the day, when there is sunlight, the solar panel can convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in the battery. -Ideal for home lighting, camping, cooking, working, reading, emergencies and power outages. -The outdoor power supply meets the power requirements of multiple devices, supports 220V output, and has a longer battery life.
Solar street lights are easy to install, suitable for residential streets, roads, parking lots, highways and as safety lighting. Integrated design, intelligent light control, remote control, energy saving and environmental protection, fast charging, no wiring, rain and lightning protection and high-brightness lighting, flexible installation, light pole installation and wall installation, wide application range.
1. Special different perspectives, mixed lighting design. High light uniformity, no dark areas. 2. High light output, reducing energy consumption by up to 50%. 3. Life expectancy exceeds 50,000 hours. 4. Wide deflection angle and uniform light distribution. 5. No start-up time, no flicker, no hum. 6. High-efficiency constant-current driver with built-in overheat protection Stable over various input voltage ranges. 7. Environmental protection, mercury-free and lead-free. 8. Does not cause electromagnetic interference. 9. Easy to install.
1. Unique patent design and novel solar lamp lead the new trend of LED lighting industry. 2. The use of high-quality monocrystalline silicon solar panels effectively converts sunlight into electrical energy. 3. Use large capacity lithium iron phosphate batteries with good performance.
1. Integrated design: solar panel, lifepo4 battery, led light, intelligent controller and aluminum casing are integrated into one, easy to install and convenient to transport. 2. Technology patent design, ultra-thin shape, windproof level 70m/sec 3. Using brand lifepo4 battery, combined with intelligent software BMS, its working principle is the same as Tesla battery management system, which can extend battery life to more than 10 years 4. Unlike traditional all-in-one led solar street lights, the battery pack is easy to replace. 5. The use of monocrystalline silicon solar panels, higher charging efficiency
The characteristics of the small solar system are that it is easy to move, easy to install and reliable in performance, and is very suitable for situations requiring emergency power supply. The integrated portable design can be used not only indoors but also outdoors. Suitable for indoor, grassland pastures, mountain forests, vast fields, islands, trawlers, remote areas, desert areas, markets or stalls, orchards, bee farms, snowfields and other places of electricity.
1. Easy to carry around, hang on a convenient hook. 2. High light transmittance: high-quality PC cover, pearl luster, light transmittance of 92%. 3. Soft light without glare. 4. Using high-quality LED chips, the service life reaches 30,000 hours. 4. High-quality aluminum alloy shell heat dissipation, lighter and more efficient.
1.All In one/ Integral design, no need extra cable, easy to ship, install and maintenance. 2.All In one Integrated design(Put Solar Panel, LED Lamp, Battery and Controller in One Box) 3.Without Any Cable, Easy to Install and Ship 4.Longer Service Life 5.Easy to Maintain and Replace Traditional Lights 6.Save Energy and Eco-friendly 7.Support Long Working Time Up To 7 DAYS Once the Battery Full Charged 8.Waterproof Grade IP65 for Outdoor Application 9.Resist any Bad Weather Condition and Working Temperature Range from -20°C to 60°C
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